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Excellence In Healthcare

Watson Healthcare Group is a consulting company with decades of executive-level experience in non-profit and for-profit systems.  We are dedicated to serving healthcare organizations across America who are looking to build financial strength and operational excellence into their care delivery system.  We have experts that can transform your results.  Let us partner with you to piece it together so you can DO MORE for your community!



We've found over $5 million in annual savings on average in each facility we've worked in through a comprehensive operational and financial review.  We look at everything from the revenue cycle, payer contracts, throughput, labor, supplies, contracted services along with strategy and market share.  We drive our results through a combination of expertise and partnering with organizational leaders to create a culture focused on value optimization for the patients in your community.  Let us help you put together a plan to drive these results...FOR FREE!


$0 (FREE!!)

We only get paid if we improve your financial results.  It's that simple.  We don't pass through expenses, charge an exorbitant hourly rate, charge based on identified savings or anything like that.  All of our employees are 100% commission based and only get paid if performance improves.  So, feel free to pick up the phone, ask us a question or perform advisory services as it's all included.  100% risk free and you get to keep most of the savings!  DO MORE!!


Lynis Chaffey, Emanuel Medical Center CSO

Mitch is amazing at finding opportunities and truly partners with others to increase the value proposition for the patients we served...and he's super good at it!


Jeff Koury, CEO Western Region

Mitch did an incredible job at Tenet and continued to earn promotions because of his hard work and strong results.  Hire him for your company and you'll enjoy similar results!


Dan Cancelmi, Tenet CFO

Mitch did a great job for Tenet through the years and literally saved us millions of dollars at various hospitals in California.


DO MORE with Watson Healthcare Group and create value for your patients and your community.  Interested? Contact us today and see what we have to offer!  It's FREE!!

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