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Message from the CEO...

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Mitch Watson

President and CEO

Serving in healthcare since 2007 has been one of the most humbling experiences of my life.  I spent over 12 years in the for-profit world and gained lots of great experience.  While I felt like I was in healthcare for all the right reasons to improve the quality of care, there was always a balance in the for-profit world that needed to be weighed.  And then I served in a non-profit system and used all that experience to help transform a healthcare system; it had a HUGE impact throughout the community.  We were able to do things and invest in the community like never before!  I want to use these experiences to help your healthcare system DO MORE for your patients and your community.


This industry is constantly changing, evolving and adapting to new environments/regulations, care models and reimbursement strategies.  Our nation spends 18% of it's GDP in this industry, way more than any other nation per capita and CMS alone spends over $1 trillion each year on healthcare.  That's too much!  We must do better!!  Given all the changes and the amount of spending our nation has, we feel there is an opportunity to create value for the patients across our nation.  Our focus at Watson Healthcare Group is to partner with those organizations who agree with us and want to serve their community by uncovering opportunities to build operational, clinical and financial excellence.  Give us a call today and let us see if we can help.  We've built a program that pays for itself and is completely FREE!!

More about us...

We want to be a disrupter within healthcare and do things differently.  We're a healthcare consulting company with a plethora of connections in the industry.  Our team has decades of executive-level experience at both non-profit and for-profit health systems.  We've partnered with the best healthcare experts in each particular area to give you a complete financial review to maximize the benefits to your organization.  Whether it's the revenue cycle, detailed labor benchmarks, throughput, optimizing supply chain strategies or other contractual services, we'll identify these savings and help create a culture of value for the patients you serve.  Our goal is to find so many nuggets that you can maximize your operational and financial strength which will allow you to DO MORE in your care delivery network in your community.  We take a collaborative approach and identify recommendations to your organization.  Based on each organization's leadership's approval, we'll implement these solutions for you and then you get the savings...simple as that!  Just give us a call at (209) 484-5101 and let us get to work for you!

Check out our step-by-step process by clicking here:  

Our Mission

To partner with healthcare organization to improve their financial and operational health to benefit the patients and communities they serve.



Respect others

Excellence is our standard

Community focused

Integrity in everything we do

Partner with passion and purpose

Energy - bring it!

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